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KMS never stops looking toward the future and are committed to supplying convenient cleaning appliances to hundreds of millions of home users. We are continuously innovating and rolling out new multifunctional cleaning equipment. We use our superior manufacturing expertise and market leading technology to satisfy the cleaning and health needs of our customers.

KMS is noted for its wide range of products, high quality, reliable service, quick delivery and reasonable prices. Currently, we have strong market shares in China, Japan, the United States, and Europe. We have a growing number of well-known enterprises working with us for OEM / ODM processes. As a professional cleaning tool manufacturer, we have the following advantages:

1. Wide range of products: our cleaning equipment is available in 5 series and more than 20 varieties. We have several models still in development and testing and provide OEM / ODM services upon request.

2. Quality assurance: we provide a 1 year warranty, the life of our cleaning machines is up to 5 years.

3. Fast delivery: KMS is located near the port, and we cooperate with professional logistics companies to ensure that our products can be quickly delivered to your designated location.

4. Professional engineer services: KMS has professional sales engineers. You can rely on our engineers to provide you with scientific cleaning solutions. These solutions can be continuously optimized to help you easily complete household chores.