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OEM Services

As a representative Chinese manufacturer in the cleaning appliance industry, KMS has been committed to learning from global high-end brands and continuously improving our own technology and product quality. KMS has been cooperating with international high-end OEM brands for a very long time. During this period, our innovative technology and timely delivery has been appreciated by our customers. Since our establishment, we have cultivated strong OEM business relationships with numerous first-class brands in the cleaning industry to achieve our mutual goals. Currently, our OEM business is focused on solving problems such as insufficient production capacity, lagged technology and so on to completely satisfy our customers.

1. OEM support
The production capacity of 5000 pcs/day is guaranteed for our full range of products.

Our OEM engineers will take into consideration the information of service condition, required function, and preferred appearance provided by the customer. Then our engineers will turn concepts into structure, and optimize the structure for the convenience of production and functionality. Once the structure is confirmed, we will estimate mold costs and product costs for the customer. After confirmation, we will complete molding and trial production within 45 days and provide samples to customers for further approval. If the customer finds the sample acceptable, we will carry out mass production upon request.

2. OEM production
Customers can choose to use their own trademarks, and should provide authorization to use the trademark. Trademarks can be shown in the following ways:

a. Print color label, and stick it to the product. This is a relatively simple and feasible way. In addition to the trademark, the sticker can also be used to provide more information for the end user.
b. Put the trademark at a specified location by screen printing or laser printing. This is a widely used method.
c. Engrave the trademark on the cleaning equipment. In this way, the trademark will be shown permanently, this requires a change of mold, so the MOQ will be higher.

3. Specify color
To work with different styles, customers can choose to use different colors. Customers can provide Pantone color numbers or swatches for our color proofing. For color-specified orders, MOQ varies depending on the categories of products.