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Handheld Steam Cleaner

The S005 handheld steam cleaner is a compact and efficient cleaning tool developed by our designers. Just add water and power the cleaner for a few minutes and the machine will generate high temperature and high pressure steam to clean and smooth different surfaces. The effective use of temperature and pressure, as well as flexible accessories, allows the cleaning of indoor floors, bathrooms, kitchens, window glass. It can also be used on fabric items such as clothing, curtains, and sofas.

1) Automatic heating control: steam can be constantly produced by the handheld steam cleaner to facilitate continuous cleaning.
2) Clean with only high-pressure steam, chemical free, completely environmentally friendly.
3) Imported power cord effectively prevents water and dust intrusion to ensure safety.
4) Corrosion resistant, high strength body.
5) Integration of special heat pipe and boiler enables full heating and achieves high thermal efficiency and energy efficiency.
6) Extended 3 meter long wires makes the cleaner easier to use around the house.

Main Functions of Handheld Steam Cleaner

Hood, gas stove, toilet, glass, bathroom, window, coal stove, fridge, leather sofa, car engine, car seat, car interiors, stairs, floor, ceramic tiles, carpet, leather, seat, all kinds of jewelry, collars, sleeve, shoes, glass, mirror, ceramic ware, wooden furniture, hard-to-clean edge, door frame, cracks, holes, corners, etc.

Toilet, rag, mop, floor, carpet, sofa, bedspread, curtain, clothing, children’s toy, wash cloth, cutting board, utensil, shoes, car, pet nest, all kinds of handles, etc.

The handheld steam cleaner is extremely powerful in killing bacteria that cause human diseases. It effectively removes 98% of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, and candida albicans.

Other Functions of Handheld Steam Cleaner
Ironing clothes, deodorization, air humidification, formaldehyde inhibition, car wash, interior steam wash.


OEM: yes Type: high-pressure steam cleaning machine Usage: home
Model: S005 /MONSTER1200 Power: 1200W Steam pressure: 1kpa
Weight: 4.5 kg Dimensions: 32cm Voltage: 220V
Boiler Capacity: 0.8(L) Brand: KMS Thermostat operating temperature:150 ℃
Fuse operating temperature:160 ℃ Rated water storage:0.8L Steam temperature: 110
Color: black, red, yellow, blue Certification: CE RoHs

KMS is a professional manufacturer of household cleaning products. We dedicate our entire business to helping you make your floor sparkle without putting in so much time and effort as well avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

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