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S045 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The S045 robot vacuum cleaner has been specifically designed to meet the different requirements of customers and provide them with more choices. Its performance and price make this automatic vacuum our best value. The robot vacuum cleaner can automatically vacuum, sweep, and mop.

Our goal is to consistently fulfill the needs of our customers. We are always looking to improve our products and our business in general. If you have any requests for future models of our robot sweeper, please contact us.

1) Sweep, vacuum and mop functions
2) Three walking modes (free, spiral and along the wall)
3) Integrated elastic bumper and automatic redirection to avoid causing damage to itself and furniture
4) Cliff-detection sensors make it back away when meets stairs
5) The robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning hair, dust and small particles of clutter.


Battery type and capacity 800MA NI-MH
Dust capacity 183ML
Power 17W

KMS is a professional manufacturer of household cleaning products. We dedicate our entire business to helping you make your floor sparkle without putting in so much time and effort as well avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

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