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S899 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

S899-Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Compared with the S702 robot vacuum, the S899 is smarter and has a more complete series of functions. The S899 robot vacuum cleaner can automatically return to its charger when it has finished its task, and has smart sensing and scheduled cleaning functions. The S899 functions as a robotic assistant.

1. Automatically returns to charging dock
The S899 robot features an automatic recharging mode. The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to its charging dock and enters a standby state after completing its task.

2. Smart dust sensor system
The automatic dust sensor system can sense the amount of fine dust on the ground and automatically clean them with outstanding performance. It can automatically adjust the cleaning time based on the amount of dust in the area.

3. Scheduled automatic cleaning function
You can appoint a cleaning at any time of day depending on your schedule. The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically clean your room even when you are not home.

4. Turnaround and escape function
The robotic floor cleaner can successfully skip 2cm high wires and other barriers, and can escape from troublesome trips.

5. Anti-drop function
When working in the staircase, on conference tables and other places, the robot vacuum cleaner can sense danger to itself and avoid it. There is no need to worry that the machine will fall and break itself.

6. LCD screen smart alarm
The intelligent recognition system can help you determine any issues that the robot might face during use. It can automatically identify and alert you of a variety of unusual circumstances.

7. Multiple selectable cleaning modes
The robot vacuum cleaner provides several personalized cleaning modes for a family environment. This is to bring the best cleaning efficiency, and satisfy your individual sanitary needs to the greatest extent.

8. Ultra low noise
Operates at 55 dB or less.

9. Flexible side brush
The independently controlled side brush has a high-speed rotation, collecting dust at the corner and along the wall into the dust box to achieve a fully effective sweeping.

10. Special mopping function available for large areas
After the dust removal is done, the robot vacuum cleaner will install a mopping plate on its own. The mopping plate consists of a microfiber towel to wipe the floor (dry wipes and wet wipes are both available). It is easy to operate and cleans efficiently.

11. 0.7L large-capacity lightweight dust bucket

12. Intelligent charging
The robot vacuum cleaner has an intelligent charge indicator. The green light flashes during charging; the green light stays on when charging is completed. The battery is explosion-proof and resists overheating.

13. Virtual wall function
The robot vacuum cleaner uses an infrared control to create a virtual wall, which can stop the robot from entering places where you do not want it to get into.

14. Extra small body
Its small size makes the S899 a portable vacuum cleaner. It measures 32cm in diameter and stands 9cm tall. It is easy for the robot to go and clean under items such as sofas, beds, and tables.

15. One-button mode of operation, convenient and simple

16. Extra long charger power cord (1.3 m)
The cord can be connected to high and low sockets. The charger is compact and does not take up much space.

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