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S702 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The most economical robot vacuum cleaner/robotic vacuum: KMS-702.

The KMS-702 cleaning robot is an intelligent home appliance that can automatically complete floor clean-up tasks within the home. We provide a more simple and economical sweeping robot that features one-button operation, suitable for anyone to use at home. The KMS-702 robot vacuum cleaner uses a built-in program capable of detecting the room size, furniture placement, floor cleanliness and other factors to develop a reasonable clean route.

1) Round disc style: compact and lightweight.
2) Automatic navigation and intelligent functions: press the switch of the robot vacuum cleaner to automatically clean the room.
3) low-noise design: the noise output is only 70 dB, far less than ordinary vacuum cleaners.
4) Super quiet vacuum with strong adsorption capability: it can easily remove all kinds of debris from the ground.
5) Slim design: the robot vacuum cleaner can easily fit its way into spaces under tables, sofas, and other furniture, sweeping every corner of the room.
6) Leading-edge design of elastic bumper: can automatically avoid obstacles, and return automatically when the way is blocked.
7) Anti-drop design, effectively prevents the machine from falling from stairs and edges.
8) External dust box for easy extraction; electrostatic filter can be reused.
9) Soft rubber wheel design: the soft rubber material will not scratch or damage the floor or carpet.
10) Quality assurance: our robot vacuum cleaner has passed CE certification, in line with European import standards.


Voltage 14.4V Power 25W
Noise 70dB N.W. 2.1KG
Carton Size 370×345×150mm G.W. 3KG
First-time charge 11 hours Battery life 500 times
Dust container capacity 0.14L Normal charging time 8h
Fan speed 15000R/Min Vacuum degree 1 Kpa
Filter area 5500 mm2 Single run time 35 min
Air flow 5 L/S Loading Units/20' 1740PCSUnits/40' 3850PCSUnits/HC 4000PCS

KMS is a professional manufacturer of household cleaning products. We dedicate our entire business to helping you make your floor sparkle without putting in so much time and effort as well avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

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