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Swivel Sweeper with Removable Brush

The G6 swivel sweeper with removable brush is the improved version of the S008 electric sweeper. Improvements were implemented based on feedback from customers. The brush can be removed for cleaning to avoid jamming caused by hair buildup. The easy maintenance improves the cleaning effect and service life of the swivel sweeper.

1) 360-degree rotary cleaning head that facilitates cleaning around furniture.
2) The swivel sweeper can be safely used on ceramic, wooden floors and carpet.
3) Cleaning head with extension rod can get into hard-to-reach corners.
4) Made of high-strength materials, the swivel sweeper is highly durable.
5) It is possible to clean with a single hand.
6) The swivel sweeper helps you to comfortably complete the cleaning task.
7) With no power cord, you can use the rechargeable sweeper anywhere.
8) Very lightweight, only 0.9 kg.
9) Extendable handle.
10) The battery is rechargeable to save additional costs of buying batteries.
11) The trash bin can be easily removed and cleaned quickly and conveniently.
12) The cleaner can be removed and suspended for easy storage.


Color Red (can be customized)
Input voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage 7.2V
Charging time 8 h
Working time 45 mins
Battery capacity 700MA
Battery type 2 NI-MH

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