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Swivel Sweeper

The S008 swivel sweeper is our new floor and carpet cleaning equipment specifically designed for the modern family. This electric sweeper is powered by a rechargeable battery which makes it light fast and easily used almost anywhere you can think of. You no longer need to drag around a long electrical power line during cleaning like traditional cleaning appliances. The swivel sweeper can effectively remove paper scraps, dust particles, broken Styrofoam, seeds, shells, peels, cigarette butts, and other debris.

Features of Swivel Sweeper
1) Four brush technology: powerful rotating brushes that can simultaneously clean the dirt from the four directions.
2) Wear-resistant materials: effortless cleaning of mats and ground.
3) Motorized brush roll system: the brush rollers can be removed for fast and easy cleaning
4) Removable tip tray: easily and quickly remove dirt.
5) Extra light weight (0.9 kg)
6) 360 degree rotation: the swivel sweeper has a 360-degree rotating sweeping head, allowing you to easily clean around furniture.
7) 7.2V rechargeable battery
8) 8 hours charging time: a fully charged battery can support 45 minutes' use, the cleaning head with extension rod can get into hard-to-reach corners.
9) Cordless: the swivel sweeper can be removed and suspended for very easy placement.
10) Detachable hair rod: for easy cleaning of hair and other garbage on the rod.

Color Yellow (can be customized)
Input voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage 7.2V
Charging time 8 h
Working time 45 mins
Battery capacity 700MA
Battery Type 2 NI-MH

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