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8 in 1 Steam Mop

The S056 8-in-1 steam mop is another one of our versatile steam cleaners. Compared with other products, this one is special as it has a garment steamer function. The handle attached to the body is designed for easy handling when steaming clothes. It can smooth a variety of clothes and fabrics. This steam mop is an absolute must own tool.

What are the 8 functions?
1) Steam mop cleaner
2) Jet pressure cleaner
3) Window cleaner
4) Garment cleaner
5) Upholstery cleaner
6) Table cleaner
7) Wire brush hard surface cleaner
8) Steam iron (NEW FEATURE)

It can be seen that this steam mop is a genuine all-purpose cleaning tool, with its ability to clean and disinfect, helping you to get rid of dust, decontaminate and remove grime. Stubborn spots will be dissolved by the hot steam and there is no need for harsh chemicals


Power: 1500W
Water tank capacity: 450ML
Heat up time: 20 secs
Working time depending on steam control settings: up to 20 mins

Color Purple, red (customizable)
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power 1 5W
Water tank capacity 450 mL
Continuous service time 20 minutes
Steam temperature about 130 ℃
Power cord length 5M
Heat up time Less than 1 minute

KMS is a professional manufacturer of household cleaning products. We dedicate our entire business to helping you make your floor sparkle without putting in so much time and effort as well avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

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