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Economical Steam Mop

Long handle allows for easy mopping while standing, without having to bow down.
Powerful decontamination without repeated scrubbing allows for quick floor cleaning with minimal effort.

The S042 is an economical steam mop specially developed as an effective yet affordable cleaning tool. The power is 1300W, and it has a water tank capacity of 350ML. The mop head has a conventional square type design, which has a large cleaning surface. Making full use of every drop of water, you will need just a cup of ordinary tap water to clean a room as big as 30 square meters. With such a cost-effective floor steamer, you are getting tremendous cleaning power for little money.

Steam Mop Description
1) 1300w power, only 30 seconds of the heat up time, fast work, save more energy.
2) Steam temperature up to 130 ℃, which has a high-temperature sterilization effect while getting rid of dirt.
3) The steam for cleaning will not damage wood floors.
4) Environmentally friendly cleaning: tap water, distilled water or purified water is used for the cleaning, no chemical agent is needed.
5) Instantaneous heating: you can stop and restart the steam mop at any time, add water at any time (no dripping water or water leakage), and you can adjust the amount of steam at any time to make your job easier.
6) Quality assurance: the steam mop is a CE, ROHS certified product.
7) Ergonomic structural design to make cleanup easier on your body.

Color Sky blue
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power 1300W
Water tank capacity 301mL-500mL
Continuous service time 16-20 minutes
Steam temperature about 150 ℃
Power cord length 5M
Heat up time Less than 1 minute

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