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S007 Steam Mop

The S007 steam mop is the most affordable of our KMS steam mops. Similar to the S042, this steam cleaner is an economical home appliance. The S007 is a unique blend of affordability and high quality performance. The steam mop has a sleek design and superior lifetime that is exclusive to KMS products.

1) The steam mop can be directly used to clean carpet, tile, marble and wooden floors with the fabric sleeve on.
2) Cleaning can be completed simply using distilled water, mineral water or tap water. No chemical or cleaning agents are needed for the process. This is the gentlest way to clean your house and protect your family and the environment as well.
3) The steam mop adopts the latest heating system which can produce steam as high as 130degrees, which is hot enough to clean certain stains and kill bacteria.
4) It only takes 20-30 seconds for the steam to reach maximum temperature.


Color Yellow (customizable)
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power 900 W
Water tank capacity 500 mL
Steam temperature About 130 ℃
Power cord length 5M
Heat up time 20-30S

KMS is a professional manufacturer of household cleaning products. We dedicate our entire business to helping you make your floor sparkle without putting in so much time and effort as well avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

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