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Large Water Tank Steam Mop

KMS-S001 large water tank steam mop is the original model of KMS steam cleaner and also one of the best-sellers. It boasts 1500W power and an 800ML large capacity water tank, unique to the current market. The steam mop is a cleaning master that is able to clean carpets, wood floors, smooth tiles, cement floors, and marble floors, without using any form of chemical detergent. A full water tank can operate for 30 minutes of use without refilling. The steam temperature can reach up to 150 degrees. Compared with other floor steamers, our steam mop is priced relatively low and is perfect for home and office cleaning.

1) Steam sterilization at a temperature of 150 degrees.
2) Quickly dissolves stubborn grease for effortless oil removal.
3) The cleaning can be done simply with clean water, no environmental pollution, no surface scratching.
4) Fast and efficient steaming in minutes, without the use of detergents or chemicals, efficiently performing cleaning and disinfection on all types of materials.
5) The steam mop cleans without the need for laborious scrubbing, which may cause damage to the cleaning surface. It eliminates grease, odor, lime deposits, soap scum, mold, calcium traces, and other dirt.
6) Healthy living: the high-temperature steam can kill dust mites, E coli and salmonella, creating a cleaner, healthier living environment for you and your family.

Material ABS, PP, aluminum
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power 1500W
Water tank capacity 8ML( 27 OZ)
Continuous service time 30 minutes
Steam temperature about 150℃
Power cord length 5M

KMS is a professional manufacturer of house cleaning tools. We dedicate our business to getting your floor sparkling clean without spending a lot of time and without using harsh chemicals.

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